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Mara's Memos

Everyone is summer ready!  Many of our students are leaving us the first two weeks of June and will be going to "big school" for the next school year.  Let us know at least two weeks in advance, in writing, if your child is leaving us.  Please come back and visit us!  While we will be missing our little ones who have outgrown us, we will also be getting in a new crop of children for us to help raise.  This is a crazy transition period for us all.  Please take the time to talk to your child about the upcoming changes, so they are not taken by surprise.  Even if they will be here all summer, many of their friends will not be.

I know we tend to want to sleep in and take advantage of summer months, but we still need to stay on schedule here at HOPE.  Call before 10 am if you child will be coming in after 10.  If you do not call and let the office know, we will be unable to accept your child upon arrival.

Make sure you are driving slowly and safely in the parking lot.  Parents, please hold onto your child's hand as soon as they exit the car to come in or as soon as you exit the door to leave.  Make sure you are using the designated parking spaces and not creating your own.  There are only enough room for four cars under the awning and you are not supposed to park on the other side of the awning.

The weekly menu is always posted in the front hallway on the bulletin board and classes have one posted in their room.

Dates to Remember


8- Fours Graduation 10:30 AM

13- Counting Critters (Riverbanks Zoo)

15-Donuts for Dads 7-9 am

20- Bubble Day

27- Sunglasses Day/Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday



2- Jenette

3-Kyrie and Ryleigh


21- Jordyn

22- JC

24- Mekhi

27- DeMarcus and DeMya

28- Rowan

30- Farrah

  Hails and Farewells 

We said goodbye to Ms. Jeannette in the Bumblebees and brought our sub, Ms. Tianna, in to work in this class in the afternoons for the summer.

     Things to Remember

Helpful Links

For developmental milestones for your child:

For South Carolina Department of Social Services:





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